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Semi-permanent makeup

If you’re after longer-lasting eyeliner or lip colour, or if you want to semi-permanently shape and contour your eyebrows, Image & Co are proud to offer semi-permanent makeup services.

Hot on the heels of microblading success, there has been an influx of new permanent makeup techniques. This simple cosmetic procedure will speed up your morning routine and give you renewed confidence in your appearance.

Who is suited to semi-permanent makeup? Anyone who wears makeup is an ideal candidate for this procedure.

  • If your lips lack colour, if you want to give your lips an Angelina Jolie-Esque pout, if you want to plump your lips without dermal fillers, semi-permanent makeup is the answer to your prayers.
  • If your eyebrows have been over plucked or you never had full eyebrows, to begin with, if you spend precious time every day pencilling your eyebrows in, semi-permanent makeup can give you the eyebrows you’ve always dreamed of.
  • If you want to open up your eyes, to raise your eyebrows without having to undergo a brow lift, permanent makeup will give you the peepers you’ve always wanted.
  • If you can’t wear traditional makeup because you’re allergic or you simply don’t have time each day to apply the makeup you want to, semi-permanent makeup will give you the lasting look you want to achieve every day.

This isn’t reserved just for adding eyeliner and lip colour.

  • Following a mastectomy or breast surgery, semi-permanent makeup can give you back your natural-looking, beautiful areolas.
  • If you suffer from alopecia or you’ve lost your hair through cancer, burns, operations or an accident, permanent makeup can give back your mane.
  • If you want to cover up vitiligo or scars, this can help.
  • If you want to correct facial asymmetry, semi-permanent makeup can help you find your balance

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How long does semi-permanent makeup last?

It can last anywhere between 6 months to 18 months (rarely longer), depending on a number of things.

There are many factors that can affect the durability of your makeup such as the age of your skin, the condition of your skin, your environment, chlorine in swimming pools, exposure to the sun, facial treatments, chemical peels, laser treatments, all of these can cause your semi-permanent makeup to fade faster than it would otherwise.

How does semi-permanent makeup work?

Semi-permanent makeup is a micro-pigmentation treatment. It’s a form of cosmetic tattooing which means you have makeup applied to your face, semi-permanently – no more having to constantly adjust or fix your eyeliner. No longer do you need to touch up your lip colour every half hour. Shaping and contouring and filling in your eyebrows every day is a thing of the past.

With Image Group London in Aldershot, Surrey, you can achieve a long-lasting makeup look with this simple procedure.

Semi-permanent makeup is applied much like a tattoo – using a fine needle to implant your chosen pigment into the uppermost layer of the epidermis. Essentially, tiny particles of pigment are injected just under the skin’s surface. This pigment will remain in place for a number of years, breaking down over time and fading. The longevity of your makeup procedure will depend on your skin type and your age.

Semi-permanent makeup has evolved so much in the last few years and the techniques to apply it has been honed over time, offering incredibly realistic results. Image Group London offers a wide selection of pigment colours and procedures that have been developed by makeup technicians, to help you achieve an incredibly natural look that lasts.

Semi-permanent makeup won’t wash off and the results can last for a couple of years – you can maintain your look with touch-ups.

Can semi-permanent makeup be removed?

The term ‘semi-permanent’ can put people off having this procedure – but fear not. There is help if your pigment has faded to an unsightly colour or you’re no longer happy with the shape or the results of your semi-permanent makeup.

It is possible to remove or lighten your makeup without needing to use lasers on your sensitive skin.

By using a revolutionary, non-laser method, known as saline correction, this can dramatically lighten or even remove semi-permanent makeup, tattoos or even microblading. Saline correction is safe to use for the removal of poor quality or old semi-permanent eyebrow makeup, lip colour or even eyeliner.

Saline correction is gentle on your skin and doesn’t come with a risk of scarring, unlike other removal treatments. Just please don’t try to remove your semi-permanent make up at home – saline correction should only be undertaken by one of our trained professionals.

How long does semi-permanent eyeliner take to heal?

We’ve all wished it, an eyeliner that lasts longer than a blink of an eye. And now you can have semi-permanent eyeliner at Image Group London. But how long does it take to heal, and what do you need to know about this popular treatment?

If you dream of having semi-permanent eyeliner because applying it every day is a pain or you get frustrated with applying it precisely each morning, you can.

There really is no downtime following the application of semi-permanent makeup, you can go about the rest of your day, even drive home afterwards. We just advise you to leave off applying your regular makeup for up to 10 days following treatment

You might experience some slight scabbing as your eyeliner heals, but it will be minimal. If you do experience scabbing with your semi permanent makeup, resist the urge to pick at it. You might see little flakes falling from your eyelashes in the days following the treatment, this is perfectly normal.

You should be healed fully within 3-7 days, some clients have taken up to 10 days.

There are few things you need to note before receiving any semi permanent makeup technique, including:

  • Remove your eyelash extensions at least two days prior to your treatment, one week beforehand is even better. If there is any glue left behind, it can interfere with the ink being applied.
  • Take out your contact lenses before the procedure and you might want to refrain from wearing them for a couple of days after the procedure, as your eyes could be a little tender for a while.
  • Don’t take any blood thinners at least 3 days prior to your eyeliner being applied, even aspirin, or certain fish oils or vitamins as these can all cause your blood to thin, putting you at risk of bleeding.
  • If you have botox or other routine dermal fillers around your eyes, have these done before you get your semi permanent eyeliner applied, at least two weeks before to make sure you’re fully healed from that treatment.
  • If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, it’s best to wait until you’ve finished.
  • If you have a condition that affects your immune system and your ability to heal, this might not be the treatment for you.
  • If you have any concerns, you should always talk to your GP beforehand.

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