Are you allergic to colour?

Are you allergic to colour?

09th September

Elumen from Goldwell is a colour that is almost impossible to be allergic to. So now you really can achieve the colour you have always wanted. Elumen is a colour that eluminates the hair intensively from inside out to achieve intense, perfect results for colour professionals.


Goldwell Elumen colours are durable and healthy looking, while packing up to 76% more colour intensity and 37% more shine than other comparable products. Elumen comes in a wide range of colours from the natural blondes and browns to bright fashion colours. It is also peroxide and ammonia free, this makes the product odour free and more gentle on the hair.


How Does It Work?

The magnet effect is what makes Elumen unique. Your hair has a positive charge and Elumen is a negatively charged product. So it draws pigment deep inside the hair where they hold securely to the hair. This one of a kind product also fills in the porous areas of the hair improving the structure and condition of the hair. This allows it to reflect the light perfectly, leaving your hair with the ultimate shine.



It is also important to use Elumen shampoo and conditioner to achieve long lasting results from your hair colour. Elumen also has a product called Lock which reduces the washout of Elumen and increases durability. This is a product for professional use only and it is applied to all hair that is coloured with Elumen hair colour. We apply this once we have shampooed and conditioned your hair. Leaving this on for 5 minutes locks in the colour, giving you long lasting results.