The vitamin for hair

The vitamin for hair

09th September

The vitamin for hair: vitamin H

We all try many products in order to maintain healthy looking hair and it is worth buying good quality products from your hairdresser. However what we eat counts as well. It is very important to maintain a well balanced diet that will look after our hair long term.

Many shampoos and conditioners contain the B complex, it strengthens the hair follicles. Part of the B complex is a vitamin called vitamin H (biotin) known as the hair vitamin, because a deficiency in it may lead to thinning hair or even hair loss, it can also cause dry scaly skin and is the cause of greying hair.

Vitamin H (biotin) can be depleted in the body by alcohol, eating foods that contain vitamin H will restore the body’s balance.

Vitamin H is found in a variety of foods such as:-
Most fruit and vegetables ( especially apples)
Dry roasted peanuts
Brewers yeast ( marmite)
Whole grains ( wholemeal bread)
Egg yolks (cooked)

Vitamin H is naturally created by the body and a deficiency is rare, however eating a healthy diet is good, because, you are what you eat!