Tips on Wedding Hair

Tips on Wedding Hair

09th September

Wedding season is fastly approaching …. The day most women have dreamt about since they were young.

This is one of the biggest and happiest days of your life, however near enough every bride becomes very stressed about how to have their hair on the day. With this in mind we have created some tips to help you get through that stressful time.

1) Be you
Alot of women have elaborate dreams of massive princess style hair on their big day. The best thing you can do is to not have your hair completely different than you would normally wear it.

2) Think of your dress
If your dress has a detailed back or a laced front and neckline it would be a shame to cover it with your hair down. Have your hair up for a sophiscated look while showing off your gorgeous dress.

3) Climate
If you are getting married somewhere hot the last think you will want is your hair sticking to your back most of the day. You also have to bare in mind that you may get hot during the evening while dancing.

4) Hair Jewellery
Whether you are wearing a veil or not hair jewellery really makes a huge difference to your look. Add a bit of bling and sparkle for your extra special day

5) Hair trial
Many brides do not want a hair trial as it is an extra cost. Take my advice and pay for the trial as it will allow you to be more confident on the morning of your wedding as you know exactly what your having.

6) Listen to your stylist
If your stylist wants your hair freshly washed or even a day old on your wedding morning then listen. They are giving you these instructions for a reason. Generally hair up and curls stay in better on day old hair.